Located in the village of Luston just outside of Leominster, Herefordshire in the beautiful Welsh Marches. This repeater is part of the larger Hope-Bagot Repeater Group. Joshua Marvel (M0WYP) is the repeater keeper and can be contacted via his website.

General Usage

Please be polite and respectful to all other users. Listen first and make sure no one else is using the repeater before changing node connections.

Output: 430.875 MHz

Input: 438.475 MHz +7.6 MHz split

CTCSS: 118.8 Hz

Node ID: 57188


  • Dial *1{node_id} on your DTMF microphone to disconnect remote nodes. Example: Dial *146655 to disconnect the N9IAA Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland repeater network that I also help manage.
  • Dial *3{node_id} to connect to a node. Example: Dial *146655 to connect to the N9IAA repeater network.
  • Dial *70 to hear current connected nodes
  • Dial *6 to disconnect all connected nodes

    Useful Links

  • View Recieved Signal Strength Indicator
  • View Connected Nodes
  • View Current Active Allstar Nodes in Realtime
  • View Map of Connected Allstar Nodes


  • Yaesu DR1-XE
  • Celwave Duplexer
  • Micro-Node RTCM
  • Diamond X-50 antenna

    Listen Live(ish)

    Broadcastify feeds are delayed approximately 90-120 seconds. However, they can be very useful to verify your signal and audio quality.